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Gold Key Refinery is a  Company operating under the government of Ghana Company Codes. Incorporated deep within the Company’s strategic vision is a business development concept that is based on using modern technology and refining responsibility to protect the environment. Our team has been drawn from different disciplines to give us a broad base and deeper understanding on all business related issues.

With the rich skills and experience we have in our team, we can negotiate with other small scale miners to buy raw gold (gold dust) for our refining process to become an innovator in the gold refining market in Ghana, Gold Key Refinery will have to embrace all best know practices, use modern technology for small scale mining and at the same time establish its own expertise in the refining process.

OUR VISION is to refine and sell gold in a responsible and honest way in order to harness our natural resources at the same time to promote a safe environment.

By staying close to the pulse of these gold industry sectors, the company will upgrade and improve on its technologies and chemicals to help protect the environment. The company will develop the ability to foresee and interpret new small scale refinery-based opportunities whiles keeping to the standard set by the Regulator.

The Company operates in all the small-scale Gold areas in the Country. Our main operation at the start of business is refining of gold for domestic and international sale, our operation is to refine 1 – 100kg of Gold per day and with a team of professionals across different disciplines from Marketing, Accounting, Project management, Health and Safety, IT, led by our Managing Director with exceptional leadership skills, we have a combined team to refine responsibly, profitably and professionally.