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Any Gold that comes into our premises should first be Smelted and Assayed. Once this is done,, the client can send to his destination of choice.
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We make sure all product we refine or smelt all done in a secure and safe enviromenrt
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Our Business

Gold Key Refinery is a Company operating under the government of Ghana Company Codes. Incorporated deep within the Company’s strategic vision is a business development concept that is based on using modern technology and refining responsibility to protect the environment. Our team has been drawn from different disciplines to give us a broad base and deeper understanding on all business related issues.


Recent improvements include the installation of new furnaces and state of the art machines in our laboratory in its evaluation unit to enhance its capability to accept gold doré. A custom made glass-lined reactor has been installed in the refinery…


The smelting operation is overseen by employees with requisite skills and material is processed in an upgraded, well ventilated arc furnace that complies to statutory requirements. The smelter uses a pyro-metallurgical……


Any Gold that comes into our premises should first be Smelted and Assayed. Once this is done, if it is the responsibility of the company to export. The company takes charge of the product until it is exported to the final destination. 

Import /Export

We are very much aware of existing expectations on our job market, as the demand for quick and quality service delivery goes high. It is our sole responsibility to provide a well-tailored product to meet our good clients needs. 

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We are always ready to assist your with Refining, Smelting, Assaying and even export. Call or book your appointment with us. One of our clients service personnel  will contact you as soon as possible.

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